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Jared Molko is founder and CEO of Tellos, a company set out to improve mass job placement and skill development for the entry-level workforce. Previously he spent a distinguished 7-year career at Google where he worked in a variety of roles across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Jared has spoken on behalf of Google at some of their most prestigious events (Mobile World Conference, Las Vegas Global Conference) as well as graced the TEDx stage on two occasions.


He's recently returned to South Africa and has now turned his attention towards understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on people and business. His focus is on what we need to do to adapt both as individuals and organisations in order to remain relevant and continue to create value in this new technological age. By drawing on his knowledge of technology, psychology and ancient wisdom, he believes he has some insights to share. To find out more, read 'My Story'.

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Google Dubai


Combining my passions for psychology and technology, I've developed Tellos, which layers in data-driven human insights to help job seekers find their best-suited jobs.

Head of agencies (MENA)

My final role at Google was possibly my most challenging, successfully handling the relationships between Google and the big six media agencies.


Google Paris

Mobile Video Lead (EMEA)

My most enjoyable role at Google was when I joined the prestigious product team in Europe where my role was to drive mobile video monetisation across EMEA.

2011 - 2014

Google South Africa

Head of YouTube partnerships (SA & SSA)

I started out as a business analyst in the finance sector. I then headed up YouTube where I grew the eco-system and launched YouTube commercially in Kenya and Nigeria.



Marketing and Sales Director

After establishing myself as a top digital marketer in South Africa, at the age of 26 I helped launch 2 successful startups Springleap.com and Evly.com. Both successful exits. 


Elevate entry-level recruitment

Tellos matches personality and aptitude to opportunity by using smart quizzes, human-centric AI and skill development pathways to help find the right person the right job.

skills and mindset for the 21st century

The technological revolution is the equivalent to a modern-day renaissance. We look to the past to uncover the mindsets and skills that separated the good from the great and extract ideas and insights we can apply ourselves to thrive in the 21st century. 


Future of hiring

What if the criteria we use to make hiring decisions are no longer valid? If so, what are the signals we should be looking for in assessing candidates? How can we utilise technology to help us make smarter hiring decisions? We uncover all of this and more!

ethics and technology

With great power comes great responsibility. We unravel why having strong ethics when it comes to technology is critical for business. We tackle ethical philosophies, organisational structure, role of leadership and culture.

what mythology teaches us about AI

The ideas of robots and the use of technology to amplify human capability has been in our collective imagination since Plato. We delve into the mythical stories and their ancient wisdom to find possible answers to the questions we grapple with today.



my story

I've been working at the forefront of the tech industry since 2007. Being one of the first well recognised digital marketers in South Africa, I worked at numerous successful digital agencies and startups before Google came knocking. As employee number 11 of Google South Africa, I thrived in an pioneering environment where Google had yet to fully establish its presence on the African continent. After taking over YouTube for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, I grew the South African market substantially and helped open up new markets in Kenya and Nigeria.


After 3 successful years in South Africa, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and so I transferred to Paris to join the most prestigious product team in Europe, as the mobile video product lead for EMEA (Europe, Middle East Africa). My task was to grow mobile video revenues across the region and to train and educate the Google salesforce and external partners on a very important behavioural trend that was about to emerge.


During this time I decided to follow my passion for psychology and so I completed a masters degree in Analytical Depth Psychology through the Pacifica Institute (U.S.A), majoring in Archetypal and Mythological studies. My underlying fascination with patterns of behaviour and belief in classical wisdom lead me to delve deep into the topic of myth.


As we enter into a new technological age, I am now on a mission to understand what artificial intelligence is, what it is not and what role we as human beings and organisations need to play in order to best navigate these very uncertain times. I strongly believe there is much we can learn from mythology and ancient wisdom in order to draw ethical lines and develop a technological philosophy that will be to our benefit not our demise. Time is precious, and the decisions we make today will have the greatest impact for human kind than ever before, so best we think deeply about it!

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